Under her artistic name, ivonneyavapa develops creative learning projects and children's books promoting educational, creative, and social spaces. After completing a degree in Fashion Design in Bogot√°, Ivonne continued her career in art in the United Kingdom completing a bachelors degree in Illustration and Visual Communication at the University of Westminster. Subsequently, she earned a Master's degree in Children's Book Illustration at Cambridge School of Arts in 2017.
Ivonne has received distinctions, including the International Children's Book Illustration Contest of Nami Island in South Korea. Since 2015, she has exhibited for Transport For London Art on the Underground.
In her work process, she investigates and creates images and characters connecting existing places and characters and inventing parallel imaginary illustrated worlds. Her emphasis is on creating unique characters inspired by her Latin American culture and heritage, using vibrant colors, shapes, and patterns, and the main technique of brush and ink and digital work. 
Ivonne works as a freelancer on cultural, educational, and illustrated album projects for various clients and leads art workshops in person, interactive, and remote formats.